Make the Dead Rise

They often went walking in the late afternoon. Not headed anyplace in particular. She, his wife, and he, her husband. Their routine. While they did this, neither usually wanted to let go of holding each others hands. He unlatched their wrought iron gate when they returned home from the walk that day. Just in time;... Continue Reading →


The Overseer’s Concession

One of Light (born from light) thought of the terror he knew she would have to feel, and he could not calm his sorrow about it. So, he outstretched his hands, gathered his courage, and spoke his feelings. “Oh Dear Overseer, I wish no harm upon Hai-Hibba; she is my favorite of all your creations,... Continue Reading →


You are not scared. We do not get scared; We are the fear-wringers, The scare-bringers. You are not haunted. We are not haunted, Even when into our bedrooms they crept And rearranged the furniture whilst we slept. You do not despair. We do not despair, Though others force our eyes shut swollen Or blood-eagle our... Continue Reading →

The Bezoar

Was it delusion? Few among us would argue that it wasn't But be assured, their ghastly footsteps came by a dozen In that seclusion With wooded life glaring at me on despairing knees. Leaf unto limb they crumbled underfoot from behind me. First they snickered Not contempt nor trickery did the sepulchral spooks bring. Though... Continue Reading →

Red Dishes and Earnest Wishes

CLICK HERE to listen to an intro and read-aloud of this story. (The discussion and intro is about 20 mins and the story follows it.) A ringing silence came through the door the moment the movers got their disclaimers and contracts signed and pulled away in their semi truck.  Boxes were her only company now,... Continue Reading →

Josephine & Jordyn

Saturday, June 16, 1816 Dear Diary, Never has there been a more delighted girl than me.  This morning, shortly after I’d given the chickens their morning feed, Father told me he needed to speak with me.  He then surprised me with this heavenly, leather-bound diary!  My olfactory sense leapt when opening its crisply fresh pages.... Continue Reading →

An Incident Under the Stars (A podcast selected and performed my story.  Click the link to listen.) “I think I'm just too nice,” was the answer she gave to his question.  Immediately, she recoiled at her own words, recognizing the moronic simplicity of them, sinking down into the driver's seat.  She was glad that she didn't have to see... Continue Reading →

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