The Persistent Clown Strips Down

With tricks in the chamber, poised to perform, The greasepainted-up baffoon Stretches the latex, warped and deformed, Then, voila, see the gimmicked balloon! The audience nods, though less than impressed, They're such standoffish friends. Seeking emotive affection on his quest, The clown cocks back and fires again.   Bang!  Regurgitating rainbowed ribbons, On flaming roller... Continue Reading →

The Fitful Diary of an Undergrad

Fictional short stories and poems are my writing preference, and so is writing all-new pieces to post here, as I originally resolved to do when I changed this blog to the "public" setting, this past September, but a non-sequitur is happily welcomed sometimes.  Hundreds of pages of my past writings, however, are in the form... Continue Reading →

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