A Modest Refusal

Tired of breathing.

What an unceasing bother,
That I learned to do, proper,
From the day I was born.

That first breath, I realize,
May have galvanized
My eyes
Onto their maiden voyage of cries.

Sick of breathing by now.

I’ve done it enough already,
Haven’t I?
Jesus Christ,
Millions stacked on millions
Of times.

Call me an expert.
I’ve heaved,
I’ve wheezed,
With ease.
Sometimes I take breaths fast
Then faster comes the next one after.

Shouldn’t be expected to breathe anymore.

I demand credit
For the breathing zealot
I’ve been in the past.

Recognize my dispassion.
Allow me to cash-in
On my previous, automated, exertions.
My calories should be devoted to
Greater things I’ll be promoted to.

Quit this layman’s triviality, I will,

For I’ve surpassed this animality of skill.
Refuse, I do, to draw another breath;
To waste my precious time reeks of wickedness.

Author’s Note:
Obviously the title is a pun based on “A Modest Proposal”. I also wanted to do a satirical poem based on those people who complain and feel put out by doing the simplest of tasks in life. They may as well complain about breathing, I thought to myself one day. And this poem was born.

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Listen to A Modest Refusal (FFP Poem) by Fitful, Phantasmal #np on #SoundCloud

21 thoughts on “A Modest Refusal

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    1. Also, thank you again because Christine says you are the reason my writing was brought to her attention (from braveandreckless) and she wants to post some of my stuff in this Sunday feature things she does sometimes. Wow! That was unexpected. Thanks man.

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      1. I tell you, the moment I saw we were doing guest spots…I thought of you. You are a perfect fit with Sudden Denouement’s divergent undercurrent. I am a fan. So, thank YOU!


  1. I’m so glad to read you. Haven’t seen you posting in a while. Hope you’re good. And this was superb!


    1. Henna girl, nice to see you too! I’m okay, thanks for saying so. And I really appreciate the compliment on this poem. It made me laugh my ass off–some person who refuses to breathe because they’ve already done it a large number of times before and feel entitled to not have to do it anymore. HAHAHHAHA. I literally laughed at my own shit here. Anyway, what’s new?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahahaha, I don’t know, but somehow I can relate to that? lol. Anyway nothing much, I had a big breakdown and was unable to function for like a month, but I’m back at it. Gonna start my studies now and as always work on writing. What about you? :3


        1. First, I sincerely feel so proud of you for having gone through that hellish shit and then rise again from it anyway. How fucking awesome are you for that? Very. I am so sorry you had to go through that, but I hope to God that the experience of it brought you some grace even though it was painful asf, no doubt. May your studies be fulfilling and may your writing speak effectively to many readers. And as for me, I’m a’ight. Thanks for asking ❤ ❤

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Awgh, I think I’m about to cry! Thank you Rachel dearest for bothering to tell me so ❤ I needed to hear that. :,) ❤ ❤ Oh and if you like, feel free to add me on facebook. I can send you the link via mail. You're one of those people I wanna feel like I know IRL, you know what I mean? 😉


  2. Hi-

    My name is Christine Ray and I am a managing editor at Sudden Denouement, Blood Into Ink, Whisper and the Roar, Indie Blu(e), and the Go Dog Go Cafe. Starting in May, Sudden Denouement will be hosting Discover Sundays several times a month, when we will post or reblog work by exciting non-Collective writers. I would love to post a couple pieces of yours on one of our upcoming Discover Sundays. We would of course properly cite you and provide a link to your blog. Would this be okay with you?



    1. Hey Christine. Nice to meet you. I would be flattered and honored to appear on one of your Discover Sunday posts. Thank you for offering that! I really appreciate your time in reading some of my work and seeing some value there. Really pleasantly surprised. Thanks again! Have a great week. 🙂

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  3. i have spent the last hour scrolling through your page and the gems i have found! so so beautiful. your writing… it’s different. in the best way possible of course.
    and your use of metaphors, the way you paint vivid pictures, just wow. i cannot wait to read more ✨❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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