Pluto’s Address

Terrance was known for his obsession with the Gettysburg Address. Part of the reason was egocentric; it was written on November 17th, the same as his birthday. Sure, everyone knows Lincoln delivered it on the 19th but that's not when it was conceived. "It came down from the divine to Abe's hand on the 17th,"... Continue Reading →


Hive Mind

Written and originally posted by Abe on Constant Learner. I enjoyed the concept and images of this horror flash fiction. This FFP blogger was entertained! (This story is also an apt extension of some of my reader requests for stories involving creepy insects. Keep those requests coming! ❤ ) ~~~ Allow me to share this... Continue Reading →

Arabian Arcade

The sand wasn’t cold. It was downright warm. To his sizzled feet, it was starting to feel icy the further the sun fell. Where his shoes had gone, either didn’t matter or he could not remember. Crossing the desert was his only desire. Step. Step. And each sinking, eroding step after that. He only made... Continue Reading →

To Go

"I grow wary of you." "You 'grow wary'?" She exhaled a puff of air. "Yes." "What is this, Richard the Third?" "No, but that is why I'm breaking up with you." She looked at him just underneath his collarbone without replying to his announcement for a while. Even the waiter--not the nosy type--who had just... Continue Reading →


It was desolate. Maybe she was the only mother in town who’d thought of taking her three-year-old daughter to the park. Though the trees were still naked and the grass half-brown, the sky was full of sun. By the end of March, she was going to do Spring things (dammit) even if the chilled wind... Continue Reading →


I didn't have any expectation of an outcome the night they came, just thought I was venting frustrations. When I'd met you years ago, it took little time for you to become my favorite person. It was not until that night that I wholly understood the pain you lived with. The brain you coped with.... Continue Reading →

Make the Dead Rise

They often went walking in the late afternoon. Not headed anyplace in particular. She, his wife, and he, her husband. Their routine. While they did this, neither usually wanted to let go of holding each others hands. He unlatched their wrought iron gate when they returned home from the walk that day. Just in time;... Continue Reading →


"Something's pinching and it stings me awful, Mama!" Little Mush telepathed to his mother, for they had no mouths. It was the first time the predator turtles came pecking at him. His young sea-mushroom cap had grown to a noticeable size, a delectable size to those that wished to eat it. This time, he was... Continue Reading →

The Overseer’s Concession

One of Light (born from light) thought of the terror he knew she would have to feel, and he could not calm his sorrow about it. So, he outstretched his hands, gathered his courage, and spoke his feelings. “Oh Dear Overseer, I wish no harm upon Hai-Hibba; she is my favorite of all your creations,... Continue Reading →

Cactus Practice

“You shriveled-sack fucks have it comin’ to you at tomorrow’s practice,” Coach Lance Prebil said to his players in the locker room, his lips curled away from all his teeth. It was the perfect place to throw a fit; no damage was sustained on the indestructible cement and steel wall when he threw a stool... Continue Reading →

Heron Throat

She waited until she got someone alone. That’s when she used her talent, if one was cockeyed enough to call it a talent. More like an ability, a neutral word. (You might say it was open to interpretation whether what she did was more helpful or more harmful.) One person at a time was easier... Continue Reading →


“Is it working?” The squealy reverb of Frank Wahlbinker’s own voice came from the nearby television and radio sets. It startled him. The channels were both tuned in to the premiere international news stations. He switched them off then continued speaking into the live microphone. “You’re all probably wondering who cut in to your programs... Continue Reading →

Swimming with Goliaths

She swam. She swam even though they had come into the world, the abominable goliaths--having burst through the rips, the tears, and the thin spots in the floors of the seas and the fabric of the skies--and into the crowded cities. Still, she swam--and not to flee from them, mind you--her, funny enough, the only... Continue Reading →

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