PUBLISHED: The Mirror Trials

  CLICK HERE TO READ The Mirror Trials The above link will take you to a simpler formatted, online version of my fantasy novelette in its entirety, "The Mirror Trials", that you can read free of charge. It's only about 7,000 words. If you'd like to give it a read, you'll see there is an... Continue Reading →



A fire dances in spite of somber darkness A fetus thrives in the cramped accommodations of the womb The terminally ill continue to respire The madman's heart beats though a tempest is between his ears Will a foreteller hush even if he knows the future?

There are Thirteen Ways to Look at a Blackbird

Sideways stranger and solitary dweller pauses at my knee I don’t move either from my cliffside seat Awareness, yes, I’m on the verge of acknowledgement, Of an amorphous, achromatic avian Apathy Therein begets a sight Shallow Surficial, skin-deep, skeletal even, Crown to throat, animated in tick-like pivots Curves to breast then flank The secondary and... Continue Reading →

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