Maybe, When it Ends

Maybe it will rise in the west, The sun that is, On some given day. After that, maybe the moon will split in two And its halves will be consumed Into the staggering belly of the sun. Will the affluent then disperse To their fallout shelters, Their concrete playpens? Will those be of any use... Continue Reading →

The Reaper’s Image

The King is in the FFP building again. Baba, Daddio, Bapu Stephen King, that is. I was practicing with my new refurbished condenser microphone tonight and read this well-up-to-King-standard short story from my copy of Skeleton Crew called "The Reaper's Image". I don't remember ever reading it before but I was nicely chilled by this... Continue Reading →


“My son refuses to eat,” the mother said. Even though her boy wasn’t a boy, but a grown man, that didn’t stop her from letting herself into his house and calling the local doctor for a home visit. “He says he is abstaining by choice,” the doctor explained after conducting a physical exam and consultation.... Continue Reading →

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