I Was Wrong

I was wrong when I said 'Magic. Isn't. Real.' It is, For that which was gifted to me Was an ability To carry on happily And patiently. It is purple that I see In every shadow, mudhole, and sand flea.


The Day a Student Attempted Suicide, Inside My Classroom…In Front of Me

Just let me be clear first. This is not a joke. Nor is it fiction. Not in any way. Honestly, I'm not sure whether or not I should be writing about this, whether or not there's some immorality involved. But I can't seem to find a way to stop shaking since it happened. The typing... Continue Reading →

In the Wake of Whales

Ishmael watched Ahab Chasing the perceived taunt Of the beast of the sea, That haunt of the gaunt, White Ghost of the sea. O, to be Ishmael! (What painful helplessness!) The observer, the powerless. To be unable to do a thing but retell the story. I, reader of Ishmael's tale know 'Tis true! The White... Continue Reading →

Come These Fruits

Yesterday I fasted, fallow, Then ate one orange on the morrow. Were it that I became so thin, I'd cut these waves as though a fin. Can't be just me who wouldn't care Were it that I would disappear. Though tempting 'tis to run away, What we're given we're meant to face. Come these fruits... Continue Reading →


You hadn't been out to the family's corn fields in years. Now, while it's burning, you decide to drive out to see one. You know Daddy will be out there, watching over things. He would want to make sure the fire didn't spread to the woods across the one-lane country highway. There he stands. Daddy.... Continue Reading →

Melt, Wilt, Wring

If an ice cube melts in Cyprus, Would a seal feel it in Alaska? I ask ya. When a willow wilts in Thailand, Will the terrain sprout a new one in Belgium? C'mon. Tell 'em. If I wring my soul dry like a wet towel here, Would you be soul-thirsty there? I'll wait, wondering, in... Continue Reading →

Do They Know?

How does a purple-blossomed plant Thank the light? Does any part of the flower's petals, stalk, or leaves-- That have turned richer shades of purples and greens-- Even know that it is gratitude that it perceives When in the sun's light it basks and beams? What if that flower knows and screamed An infinite shriek... Continue Reading →


Both of them an equinox, His pallid bones, her ivory blocks, Her ebony of solid wood, And his the darkness he'd withstood. His heart on every line he rained And out shed music from her veins. None knows, observing her with him, Where her blood ends and his begins. Sharesies!

On Turtleback Lane

“Storm’s over, Girlie,” He hath said to me. “Thunder’s shook and passed you, Sugar; Our promises We keep.” “We opened your chest And poured you full of what We wilt. Then, by and by, We made sure you landed Well within the rye.” “Don't think that the rye fields are safe for good,” He continued... Continue Reading →

He Had a Hat

It was at one of those swim-at-your-own-risk beaches. That's not to say it was any riskier than any other beach, but there were no lifeguards nor anyone else. The mother and her little son had the stretch of surf and sand all to themselves that day. Of course her husband's sixteen-hour work days were exhausting,... Continue Reading →

Palomitas for the Pasture?

They. Those. I see them. I see them, too, as do you. Those fleeting enticements Of the eye, (the glassy surface of the eye). In this garden of love Those peacocks sure do come a'callin'. But they aren't peacocks. They are palomitas. Ain't never goan be nothing but Palomitas Which offer no sustenance, No turbulence... Continue Reading →

In Mr. Habte’s Apartment (also, see the writer’s challenge after this story)

a list of the contents in the trash bin belonging to Mr. Nadir Habte: one set of sweat-soaked, piss-wetted, blood-stained bed sheets one shattered bedside lamp and light bulb seven used tissues--all drenched in mucus and tears, some speckled with blood glass shards from a broken bathroom wall mirror scraps cut from a length of... Continue Reading →

The Bride

The Wandering Armadillo

I wait, betrothed to the earth

the desolate dolomite cliffs

jagged peaks; tectonic shifts

my wedding veil…the alpine mists


consummate with rhythmic tide

so heedful of the hesitant bride

gentle, soon the waves subside

cleaving to the cave inside


decades pass, and fiery gust

shall scorch the fields to barren rust

henceforth shall I only trust

a matrimony of decay and dust

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Maybe, When it Ends

Maybe it will rise in the west, The sun that is, On some given day. After that, maybe the moon will split in two And its halves will be consumed Into the staggering belly of the sun. Will the affluent then disperse To their fallout shelters, Their concrete playpens? Will those be of any use... Continue Reading →


“My son refuses to eat,” the mother said. Even though her boy wasn’t a boy, but a grown man, that didn’t stop her from letting herself into his house and calling the local doctor for a home visit. “He says he is abstaining by choice,” the doctor explained after conducting a physical exam and consultation.... Continue Reading →

The Light Came Back

Quicker than butter holds shape in a hot frying pan, the teacher offers welcome-to-the-new-school-year niceties to her first period English class on their first day. She picks up the loose-laid class rosters and begins reciting the names on the top sheet. Ironically, she checks who is present without being sure if she is all there... Continue Reading →

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