So Blue

Cheryl says, “What in Sam Hill–” She wipes away the frost on her passenger-side window. “When you’re a beach lover, I guess there’s no keeping you from it!” She gestures towards a man walking along the shoreline that is across the highway.

Walter says, “Wouldn’t catch me dead out there. I reckon it’s guys like that who’d keep the Dairy Queen at the North Pole in business.” He keeps on driving, but slows their SUV and squints at the man on the beach. Walter notices the man has on ripped trousers, a thin windbreaker, and a ball cap.

Cheryl says, “Holy mother–is he lit?” She turns to her husband as if to check that he’s seeing the same thing she is. The man they’re watching now lays on the beach, curled in a fetal position. The incoming tide swells up around and underneath him. “It’s cold enough for him to get hypothermia out there, right?”

Walter says, “Not sure. But maybe we should call the police and tell ‘em ole Captain Ahab’s tryin’ to take a nap in the fuckin’ water right now.” Cheryl takes out her cell phone and dials 9-1-1.

They drive past the man on the beach and continue on down the highway. They do not see that a rogue wave towers over the man and crashes down upon him before pulling him into the undertow.


Momma, do you remember when we used to come to this beach every Saturday when I was a kid?

Momma, I know you can hear me. I know you went up to heaven. I just know you did. If anyone is there, it’d be you, Momma. You can see the man I’ve become. You know everything now. Can’t hide anything from you because you’re an angel. And angels see everything. I’m ashamed, Momma. I know you didn’t raise me to be like this.

I feel so weak. I feel so tired. Life has got me so very tired.

Remember way back when I was a boy, when you used to tuck me in every single night, Momma? The way you would fluff my sheet and bring it down over me? Slow motion. You never rushed. Oh, and that blanket! Gentle soft blue, so soft it seemed out of focus with the rest of the room. It had white satin trim. That’s the only time I ever felt safe, Momma, when you would smooth that blue blanket onto me.

Momma, please come tuck me in. I’m tired. And scared. I know I can’t go on anymore. I need to lie down.

Oh! Look! You brought the blue blanket, Momma. Thank you. Cover me up, Momma. Then nothing can hurt me anymore. I’m ready.

It’s so blue. Sooo bl–

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    1. Yeah I guess I imagined him being mentally ill or having gotten into gambling or drugs or crime. Anything where he has been pushed to this point of not being in touch with reality or having any hope left. Thanks so much for reading and commenting dear Margot!!!

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    1. Assalamu alaiykum dear sister Mun! <3. Thank you for your comment. I truly appreciate it. So as for this story, it is tragic yes, and poignant. Therefore it is not an encouragement of giving up but rather a warning. Also, what is wrong with that couple that drove by? It was clearly not normal what that man was doing. Dangerous even. But they chose to heckle him and keep moving instead of stopping to help. Also, it can be assumed that the man couldn't help himself at that point because he is not mentally well. He hallucinated the beach being his childhood bed and a big wave was a blanket that his deceased mom was covering him with. Maybe things could have turned out differently for him if other choices had been made leading up to this. Maybe his mom tucking him in didn't have to be the only worthwhile and good memory he ever had. What do you think?

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            1. Incidentally I’m sorry if I talked too much in that other comment reply to you or said something off. Or if my story offended you. Idk if I did but if so I had no awareness of it at the time and I am deeply sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. Have a great rest of your weekend.


              1. Why are you saying sorry to me? You never said anything which offended me. Infact, you have always been so good to me. I think this is some misunderstanding because I really am not getting why are you apologizing.


  1. powerful post and guess the couple felt redeemed coz they called 911 … we need to get more involved to help those in need. I have been a support person at mental health groups and the stories they share are heart breaking. In the middle of a break down they do super crazy and often dangerous things and people tend to avoid them instead of giving help …


    1. Thank you so much for reading this and for your comment. I really appreciate it. I totally understand what you’re saying. I read a news article with my students last semester. It was about an incident in the waiting room of a psychiatric ward of a hospital. A woman laid down on the ground and all the security guards and other waiting patients just ignored her, maybe thinking she was just acting strange. And she died there on the floor. She could have been treated possibly by a doctor and this prevented.

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  2. The thing I love about writers, myself included, is how nonchalant they can be about their own writing. I understand because some writings come from a burst of passion, it is released and then you go on about your business. Often not realizing the beauty of what you just wrote. As in your case, you said in one of your comments, “Yeah I guess I imagined him being mentally ill or having gotten into gambling or drugs or crime.” Oh, it”s so much more for the reader, at least for me.

    This story is amazing and I’m sure this is probably not one of your best works. It seems I might be in for a treat when I read your other works.

    The feelings and emotions I felt while reading this story were so beautifully melancholic yet not painful. A feeling of floating in a dream at dusk, just as the darkness breaks but still enough light to take in the environment.

    I felt myself completely absorbed into the images you created for me. I felt a flush of multiple feelings all dancing together as they passed through my body and across my face. This is what I enjoy most, when an artist makes it effortless for me to be absorbed into their world. In fact, inviting me in with a warm welcome and feeling completely comfortable within the world they created.

    To be able to combine your images with my own in order to form intimacy and relationship with the world you created. Allowing the feelings generated to touch my heart and soul as they gently caress them. Not feeling any threat from the expression which allows me to lay back with complete trust, even abandon, as you guide me through the beautiful world that you created.

    From this I guess you can see I enjoyed this story very much. Thank you.

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    1. Hello MJ, Really nice to meet you and so glad to read your very sweet comment here. I have re-read it several times and I have been speechless for the past couple days, trying to figure out how to say thank you or how to convey to you just how amazing it felt to enjoy your enjoyment…if that makes sense. hahhaha.

      Anyway. Wow. Just wow. I am just dumbfounded. I did not even realize this piece made a bit of difference and thought I was over here in my own world picturing things that I wasn’t able to convey to a reader. Maybe there was some success in this after all! Wow. Thank you so much! And all thanks goes back to God.

      I was really glad to see your link show up in my notifications too because I kept trying to get to your blog but it was gone. (Just telling you FYI just in case you weren’t aware when people click on your name, your blog does not show up.)

      Also I hope I can come see some of your writing as well. Can you reply with a link to one of your top favorite posts of yours? Even reply several links if you want.

      Thanks for making me appreciate this story that somehow came out from my hands and made me see it fresh again. Have a great day!

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      1. I too was speechless when i read your reply and had to take some time to process it. I will say that your reply brought tears to my eyes. Good, happy tears.

        First I will say that I’ve enjoyed not only this story but other stories you’ve written. I didn’t comment on them because I commented here and I believed it was sufficient for the time being. All the stories I’ve read so far are so very beautifully written. True treasures in my opinion.I will be reading more, you can count on that. I will even mention some of them on my blog with a link.

        As for your reply, I was deeply touched by many of the things you wrote. Such as “…how amazing it felt to enjoy your enjoyment…”

        This is important to me because I enjoy finding stories where I can become intimate with them. Enter the stories and become a part of them, even as an observer. To know that I was able to enjoy the same type of intimacy with you, the writer, means the world to me. Sharing the enjoyment with you. Such a wonderful feeling.

        The fact that you were able to take from my comment and be able to look at your own story again in a different way. To see the beauty that I saw in it. Again, another intimate moment. A sharing or joining of perspectives. Such a beautiful experience.

        You expressed this throughout your reply but mostly in your statement, “Thanks for making me appreciate this story that somehow came out from my hands and made me see it fresh again.” Wow! Just Wow!

        As for my blog, you won’t find any stories there. It is a blog on philosophy. You are definitely welcome to visit and read my writings. Please have an open mind because I am a thought explorer. It is my joy. I don’t claim to be right about anything.

        I’m not necessarily seeking to convert anyone to any form of thought or belief. I think, if anything, I hope that what I write will somehow offer a path to peace for many of the issues concerning the world. Or, at least, offer a place to start. I am simply exploring ideas and thoughts that pass through my mind and into the world.

        As for stories. I am writing a novel. My first one. I have written many short stories and poems but this is my first time venturing out into an all out novel. I still have a long way to go but it is going well. I’m hoping to self publish. I’m not looking for fame or wealth. I simply want to know that I wrote and published the story that I’ve always dreamed of writing. When it is finished and published I will be happy to give you a copy. The idea of giving you a copy will give me further motivation and inspiration to complete the story.

        It is a story about love with philosophical undertones.

        The link to my blog is

        I don’t know if I have any favorites. It’s simply the progressive journey about where my thoughts are taking me. I am rather open there. Expressing things that are very important to me. I think it is the most honest work of expressions I’ve ever written.

        Thank you for letting me know about your difficulty getting to my blog. I am working to get this issue resolved. It also caused me to look at the title of my blog which I had misspelled. So I was able to correct that mistake. Thank you for this also.

        Most of all, thank you for your truly beautiful and rich writing that I enjoy very much. Thank you for your lovely reply to my comment., You touched me deeply.

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        1. Awesome awesome awesome! Thanks a million. I have a second blog where I talk the “big talk” (big ideas and purpose of life and science stuff and stuff) so I am not a fiction-or-bust writer/reader by any means.

          However, may I ask a favor? If you have any ideas (however small) can you tell them to me and I will try my best to write a short flash fiction based on your idea. What do ya say?

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              1. Okay. This idea came to me and has been sticking in my mind so I will offer it to you. It’s somewhat vague because I don’t want to give you anything for a story itself because the idea gave me a path to a story in my mind. Here it is:

                A stray dog representing the feeling of being an outcast from society. Representing the human feeling of being an outcast from society. A parable or metaphor.

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