I’m Literally Contemplating Suicide

Killing myself, I'm feeling, At this point, Is on the table As an OPTION. I mean, like, This isn't even really a poem. I have put no effort into this Non-poem in particular. Anyway, Back to the subject of me Dying by my own hand. It seems like, for me personally, That it is a... Continue Reading →



She will run out of flesh. She knows the snake is there before she goes. He’s under the shadow of kelp-like tree limbs, Housed in woods ‘neath the pillarless navy-domed eve. Belly down on the leaf-limned ground, he skims. She has only so much flesh. Up her back, across her chest, around her arm, His... Continue Reading →

Mother Moroi

Mother Moroi came from the den To gift me a paper bird. “You, my childe, could fly with the wrens,” Or so she said she’d heard. “Protect her as if she was precious nectar,” She told me, pointing her fathomless finger, “And that bird will turn from paper to specter Then lift you to meet... Continue Reading →


You are not scared. We do not get scared; We are the fear-wringers, The scare-bringers. You are not haunted. We are not haunted, Even when into our bedrooms they crept And rearranged the furniture whilst we slept. You do not despair. We do not despair, Though others force our eyes shut swollen Or blood-eagle our... Continue Reading →


A fire dances in spite of somber darkness A fetus thrives in the cramped accommodations of the womb The terminally ill continue to respire The madman's heart beats though a tempest is between his ears Will a foreteller hush even if he knows the future?

 There are None

What could I say?  What sound on or off the blue-green Earth could I possibly utter? What string or stream of words or combination of statements, questions, or figurativeness could I write for the circumstances? There are none. Is there some kind of gesture I could extend? Adjust the degree of warmth or cold in... Continue Reading →

There are Thirteen Ways to Look at a Blackbird

Sideways stranger and solitary dweller pauses at my knee I don’t move either from my cliffside seat Awareness, yes, I’m on the verge of acknowledgement, Of an amorphous, achromatic avian Apathy Therein begets a sight Shallow Surficial, skin-deep, skeletal even, Crown to throat, animated in tick-like pivots Curves to breast then flank The secondary and... Continue Reading →

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