Things I’d Tell Each Person, Eye-to-Eye, If I Could or Water Affirmations

Ripple. A pinch or pound, your worth I found. On the matter of your appearance, I will find beauty, less of bounds. About something, your wisdom sound. Babble. I enjoy things of your personality. Your voice is for hearing and your writing for reading. I believe that you are capable of learning things new, on... Continue Reading →


Paranoid: A Chant

Non-sequitur time! This poem is not an original of mine. Its author is Stephen King, the father of macaber (har har har, intentional misspelling for phonetic delightment--delightment, which is also not a word but loved by me all the same). The original part of this post is the fact that it's me reading it aloud in... Continue Reading →

A Modest Refusal

Tired of breathing. What an unceasing bother, That I learned to do, proper, From the day I was born. That first breath, I realize, May have galvanized My eyes Onto their maiden voyage of cries. Sick of breathing by now. I’ve done it enough already, Haven’t I? Jesus Christ, Millions stacked on millions Of times.... Continue Reading →


It's here. The time has finally come, girlie, For you to stay in the valley. Not above it nor below. And it ain't a place that you can go. A valley that isn't lower than a peak Up whose steepness you failed to leap-- No, it's not a spot of lowliness-- Not in any sense.... Continue Reading →


This--all that you know-- All began encased within one, giant Cow. The belly grew and grew until it Burst! Its blood spilled and became the oceans and the rivers. Hooves, mountains. The skull, the domed roof of the skies and boundaries of this existence. Then The Cow brains rose into the tufted layers of clouds... Continue Reading →

Do Not Frequent My Grave

I died inside your belly, Ammi Jaan, Then went to where I'm like the swan, To eternal verdant gardens of spring, Going about however I please. I am very tall here, Ammi Jaan, And the age of thirty-three. Narywhere on my body is hair Nor in my heart are any cares. And though I'd not... Continue Reading →


Wizard, Herr Wizard, Sageliness seeker, Tinkerer of beakers, Whether sorcerer or apothecaire, I’ve been observing you and Have now a bit of a questionnaire: Whilst mixing and making in your lab, Your weight be on one foot, One knee always crooked. Do you keep one haunch low Lest a potion does explode? When you left... Continue Reading →


Enigmas like this Don't come 'round every bend: How best he be told, (In language aptly bold) Of the love, The constant LOVE I have for the storm of him? My impassions brimmed, I aim at words to tell it all, Make other love-claimers ashamed, Inadequate-- Though even my claim is not Commensurate To the... Continue Reading →

When Words Fail

A dinner plate before you laid, I swear to make this short; I will not stay but if I may Just serve you the main course. No words I’ve writ were ample yet; You neither hear nor see. So, I’ve boiled my heart for you to feast With olives, and dates, and tea.


These waters here be chummed, Got all us Shiners spun. Those ain't just water guns They're aiming at us, son. That there's not a dry run Afore real danger comes. That evil's unbegun, Like where Mister Gray come from. Those Macroversians Keep asking, 'Dum-a-chum?' While you grab for translation, They'll drag you through the scum.... Continue Reading →


She will run out of flesh. She knows the snake is there before she goes. He’s under the shadow of kelp-like tree limbs, Housed in woods ‘neath the pillarless navy-domed eve. Belly down on the leaf-limned ground, he skims. She has only so much flesh. Up her back, across her chest, around her arm, His... Continue Reading →

Mother Moroi

Mother Moroi came from the den To gift me a paper bird. “You, my childe, could fly with the wrens,” Or so she said she’d heard. “Protect her as if she was precious nectar,” She told me, pointing her fathomless finger, “And that bird will turn from paper to specter Then lift you to meet... Continue Reading →

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