Just Wait ’til You Hear What You Did!

Doesn’t everybody love
Great news?
And I’ve finally got a bit to share.
Are you sitting down?

It actually involves you
And you’re no doubt
To feel proud when you

Find out.

Congratulations are in order,
I think, because you did it!
Precisely you aimed your daggers,

And achieved.

And you’re a man of
Devoted, even when it appeared


You see, I’ve just spent
Nine hundred hours

No lie.

Wanted you to realize; who am I
To deny
You of the pride you will have

About crushing me

So complete,
So flat,
That there ain’t no coming back!

My favorite, floral blouse
By sorrow, mucus,

And blood

From my nose.
I didn’t plan or bring tissue
But I did find a private corner.

Forgive me, I digress.
This isn’t about me.
It’s about how impressed
They’ll be
And how pleased 
You must feel.

So accomplished,


At my willing expense.

35 thoughts on “Just Wait ’til You Hear What You Did!

Add yours

  1. Ouch, this hurt to read, because I always think this kind of post is a little bit autobiographical. It’s a touching piece, though. Hit me right in the feels. 😦

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  2. Whoa. I was going to suggest you and “that dude above” just get a room…but maybe you really need that’s other guy’s cell mate. Anyway, on the poem: Imagining you…or any woman…cry for 9 hours is heartbreaking. Not sure what brought you to that point, but I’m hoping you moved past it or got over it. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. THANKS! yeah i usually hate doing stuff like this but I came up with this quaint idea of a speaker who was congratulating someone for meeting their goal of being effectively mean and getting to the speaker. i feel like another poet could’ve done so much more with it. thanks for reading 🙂

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    1. Thank you lifeafterfifty!! I’m so glad you appreciated that. There is NO worse horror in the world than any person, no matter who they are, purposefully and premeditated making a point to hurt the spirit of another person and that person letting the other one get to them. that’s the worse part–letting the hate in. Thanks for reading and for your feedback, i mean that.

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