The title–Fitful, Fearful, Phantasmal–is inspired by a Poe story, Stephen King, Lovecraft, The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Darkside, etc., and my love of all things dark, scary, strange, paranormal, macabre, and emotional. I decided to write all-new, original pieces (of various genres) for this blog as a way to practice the craft, for enjoyment, and to remind the reader of life’s most important messages.

I’m hoping that my writing here is entertaining and can also help prepare me for more publications of a reputable capacity someday. What is most important, though, is that I embrace the joy and value of the art of writing in and of itself.

I enjoy reading other blogs and welcome feedback for mine.

I hope my posts make some impact on you; moving the emotions (especially through fear) can be one of the best ways to spark growth as a people for the better.

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  1. I was going to keep this to myself, but idegaf. full disclosure–I had the ditziest moment of my life and i’m not above making fun of myself. I read your comment and googled “FFP” coming up with all sorts of theories as to what you meant. it only dawned on me when a friend pointed out that those were the initials of the title to my fucking blog! HAHAHAHAHHA. Ahem. assuming you’re not disgusted with me, I want to say thank you so much for the support and for making it through my About page. looking forward to enjoying much more of your writing.

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    1. I’m not disgusted with you at all! I’ve certainly had my share of self-based faux pas, or pass, or however that French thing goes.
      I’m also looking forward to enjoying more of your writing! I happened to check this again, and found your reply. Thank you for your creations!

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  2. Your intro is perfect. I, too, write for the joy of writing. A larger audience would of course be a nice end game, but if not, the process keeps me motivated, keeps me learning, and gives me “purpose…”

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    1. Right on. πŸ™‚ Name a fav TZ episode and King story??? So glad to hear the similar tastes. Also, do u have comments turned off on your site? It’s OK if you do. I just wanted to comment on one or two things. No big deal either way. Thanks again


      1. Favorite King story shifts over time, but in spite of the unsatisfying ending, “It” is at the top of my current list. TZ episode? Definitely the lone man with the broken glasses.

        Comments should be turned on for my site. Are you not able to leave one?


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        1. That is the CORRECT ANSWER. on both. HAHHAAH just kidding. I have said this many times: Growing up reading King, I felt let down by some of his endings and I was also sometimes bored at some openings, but there was a sweet spot where the stories got amazing and the premise made me excited bc it was unique and weird and all twisted and I loved it. I stopped caring about the endings, as I got older, bc it wasn’t all that mattered. We appreciate so many more subtleties as time goes on. Nightmares and Dreamscapes was my first King read. And yes, that is the very episode that hooked me first, called “Time Enough at Last” –poor Henry, all he wanted to do was read and that was me but my parents were always like, “Why are you bringing a book on our vacation again?” and I’m thinking, so I can read it you fools. They didn’t understand reading fiction a whole lot.

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          1. Haha, yes on all counts. King’s stories have definitely become a “the end is in the journey” sort of thing for me. And thanks for the name of the TZ episode.. Couldn’t remember it for the life of me. It’s not like I have some computer magically connected to a vast database of information where I could look it up, either…….. ……

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