Just Wait ’til You Hear What You Did!

Doesn’t everybody love Great news? And I’ve finally got a bit to share. Are you sitting down? It actually involves you And you’re no doubt To feel proud when you Find out. Congratulations are in order, I think, because you did it! Precisely you aimed your daggers, And achieved. And you’re a man of Goals,... Continue Reading →

We’ve No Need for a Dream Sprawler

Lookie here, maggot spit! Tight ship! Tight ship-- That's exactly what we's runnin' Heres. Listen up, brace and bit! No lip! Or snip, snip-- We relieves you of both of your Ears. With this rigging, We's gonna bore you a hole Into your side And out the other. We’s a few things To implant inside... Continue Reading →


Find meat stuck in teeth of glaze-eyed Beasts, Of prey from some dangerless lands, Pluck out what was left from unprincipled feasts, And show them the fibrous strands. Upon seeing these, it'd cause no unease, Save for those with the conscience of rams, To dismantlers by degrees, as dutch elm disease, In unremorseful-laden hands. Find... Continue Reading →

The Bezoar

Was it delusion? Few among us would argue that it wasn't But be assured, their ghastly footsteps came by a dozen In that seclusion With wooded life glaring at me on despairing knees. Leaf unto limb they crumbled underfoot from behind me. First they snickered Not contempt nor trickery did the sepulchral spooks bring. Though... Continue Reading →

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