I didn't have any expectation of an outcome the night they came, just thought I was venting frustrations. When I'd met you years ago, it took little time for you to become my favorite person. It was not until that night that I wholly understood the pain you lived with. The brain you coped with.... Continue Reading →



This--all that you know-- All began encased within one, giant Cow. The belly grew and grew until it Burst! Its blood spilled and became the oceans and the rivers. Hooves, mountains. The skull, the domed roof of the skies and boundaries of this existence. Then The Cow brains rose into the tufted layers of clouds... Continue Reading →


Wizard, Herr Wizard, Sageliness seeker, Tinkerer of beakers, Whether sorcerer or apothecaire, I’ve been observing you and Have now a bit of a questionnaire: Whilst mixing and making in your lab, Your weight be on one foot, One knee always crooked. Do you keep one haunch low Lest a potion does explode? When you left... Continue Reading →


"Something's pinching and it stings me awful, Mama!" Little Mush telepathed to his mother, for they had no mouths. It was the first time the predator turtles came pecking at him. His young sea-mushroom cap had grown to a noticeable size, a delectable size to those that wished to eat it. This time, he was... Continue Reading →


These waters here be chummed, Got all us Shiners spun. Those ain't just water guns They're aiming at us, son. That there's not a dry run Afore real danger comes. That evil's unbegun, Like where Mister Gray come from. Those Macroversians Keep asking, 'Dum-a-chum?' While you grab for translation, They'll drag you through the scum.... Continue Reading →

The Overseer’s Concession

One of Light (born from light) thought of the terror he knew she would have to feel, and he could not calm his sorrow about it. So, he outstretched his hands, gathered his courage, and spoke his feelings. “Oh Dear Overseer, I wish no harm upon Hai-Hibba; she is my favorite of all your creations,... Continue Reading →

Heron Throat

She waited until she got someone alone. That’s when she used her talent, if one was cockeyed enough to call it a talent. More like an ability, a neutral word. (You might say it was open to interpretation whether what she did was more helpful or more harmful.) One person at a time was easier... Continue Reading →


She will run out of flesh. She knows the snake is there before she goes. He’s under the shadow of kelp-like tree limbs, Housed in woods ‘neath the pillarless navy-domed eve. Belly down on the leaf-limned ground, he skims. She has only so much flesh. Up her back, across her chest, around her arm, His... Continue Reading →

Swimming with Goliaths

She swam. She swam even though they had come into the world, the abominable goliaths--having burst through the rips, the tears, and the thin spots in the floors of the seas and the fabric of the skies--and into the crowded cities. Still, she swam--and not to flee from them, mind you--her, funny enough, the only... Continue Reading →


Find meat stuck in teeth of glaze-eyed Beasts, Of prey from some dangerless lands, Pluck out what was left from unprincipled feasts, And show them the fibrous strands. Upon seeing these, it'd cause no unease, Save for those with the conscience of rams, To dismantlers by degrees, as dutch elm disease, In unremorseful-laden hands. Find... Continue Reading →

The Bezoar

Was it delusion? Few among us would argue that it wasn't But be assured, their ghastly footsteps came by a dozen In that seclusion With wooded life glaring at me on despairing knees. Leaf unto limb they crumbled underfoot from behind me. First they snickered Not contempt nor trickery did the sepulchral spooks bring. Though... Continue Reading →

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