A Come-Hell-or-High-Water Positivity

CLICK HERE for an introduction and read-aloud of this poem Holding, tightly, to his glad-to-be-alives, Managing, rightly, his ability to thrive, Draining unsightly veins that will survive, Preserving gratitude with his own formaldehyde. He's a walking, talking you-can't-bring-me-down, With a stitched-on, smile-glued face without a frown, Whose sadness was murdered by a frozen-grinned clown And... Continue Reading →


To speak about and bring to light some things about myself, I can tell you that, in some small ways, one in particular, I can relate to the great Edgar Allan Poe.  (My intellect will not ever match his, not even by half, so, please, don't think me arrogant in the slightest.)  He and I... Continue Reading →

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