One Kind of Light and Another

We've all done it, at least I hope most of us have. I know I do and it surprises me (in the best way) how readily I cry when it happens. It's those times when there's no push and no pull. No distraction. Just you alone outdoors. And it is night. You tilt your head... Continue Reading →

Come These Fruits

Yesterday I fasted, fallow, Then ate one orange on the morrow. Were it that I became so thin, I'd cut these waves as though a fin. Can't be just me who wouldn't care Were it that I would disappear. Though tempting 'tis to run away, What we're given we're meant to face. Come these fruits... Continue Reading →


Both of them an equinox, His pallid bones, her ivory blocks, Her ebony of solid wood, And his the darkness he'd withstood. His heart on every line he rained And out shed music from her veins. None knows, observing her with him, Where her blood ends and his begins. Sharesies!

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