I Would Tell You

I would tell you to come to the forest near the blue mountain, but you’re already there. I would tell you of the strange journey, Via pathways few of us take (or know about). I might have once thought about boots and flashy hiking gear, Of tarps, tents, and lanterns, But what good would they... Continue Reading →

Needles (A Dark Holiday Poem)

Things I am Thankful for This Holiday Evening: Thank you for this crackling fire Beneath my twinkling, tinsel-decorated fireplace mantel, Which I enjoy from this pillowy armchair With my knitting needles in hand and doily-adorned sewing machine close by. Thank you for the pleasant clinking of the needles And the glide of the soft yarn... Continue Reading →

Squeezed Dry (Flash Fiction)

(Click Below for the Audio Version) https://soundcloud.com/fitful-fearful-phantasmal/squeezed-dry-flash-fiction Where else would we go? We were children of well-to-do fathers with Silicon Valley success stories. Between semesters of our ivy league education, three of my friends and I went backpacking through Europe. I couldn’t tell you why exactly. Now, decades later, I think about what I wanted... Continue Reading →

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