A Come-Hell-or-High-Water Positivity

CLICK HERE for an introduction and read-aloud of this poem

Holding, tightly, to his glad-to-be-alives,
Managing, rightly, his ability to thrive,
Draining unsightly veins that will survive,
Preserving gratitude with his own formaldehyde.

He’s a walking, talking you-can’t-bring-me-down,
With a stitched-on, smile-glued face without a frown,
Whose sadness was murdered by a frozen-grinned clown
And resting in a mausoleum, deeply underground.

Riveted, frozen stiff to see-the-good-insteads,
Unlimited, boundless pushing nightmares from his head,
Inhibiting, halting hate that’s tethered by a thread,
Resurrecting optimism like the zombified-undead.

He’ll kick you, slap you with his I-won’t-stoop-so-lows,
Casting showers of forgiveness, not dark shadows,
And abandon unkind thoughts, to rot and decompose,
Allowing scavengers to feast, tearing into them like crows.


4 thoughts on “A Come-Hell-or-High-Water Positivity

Add yours

    1. Thank you so much Xen! It’s been a dream of mine to someday record at least one audio story/book professionally. I have an audio page on my blog. If you ever want an audio version of one of your pieces let me know. I need the practice. 🙂 glad you dig the poem! 🙂


      1. You have a great voice for it. And I definite will.
        I have a friend who sends me voice emails of poetry I write on occasion. His voice is super deep and it always sounds amazing to me. I’ve learned I have a thing for voices lol

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