PUBLISHED: The Mirror Trials



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Thank you so much for your support. I’ve included a teaser and synopsis of the story below:


“We’re going to have to bring the stranger to the mirror ourselves. Explanation will be in vain. I just don’t see it any other way.”

“He’s right. One of our own will die if we don’t,” Mr. Galloway piped.

“Oh, but we don’t know that. None of us has actually witnessed it; it’s only been passed down in stories, and rarely at that,” one of the two female council members, Mrs. Stanton, pointed out.

It was a firm-held belief that if one didn’t come obediently to stand before the mirror within twenty-four hours, that it would chose someone else to die in his/her stead. Had there ever been anyone who’d survived? It was a question all of them wanted an answer to…


When she mentions a family secret involving witchcraft, Ida Windicott may’ve made a mistake in piquing the curiosity of her daughter, Maybelle, who just can’t let it go. That evening, family isn’t all who gathers for Sunday dinner at Windicott Manor on the edge of the tiny village of Yselago. A stranger arrives by chance, Beshkawlmi Kaletaqa, who is at the lowest point in his life, unbeknownst to them.

The Windicotts offer him one of their guestrooms but the only thing Mr. Kaletaqa wants is some help in repairing his car so he can return to the big city. It becomes clear that some villagers don’t want him to leave at all. If he knows what’s good for him, he won’t try to leave either.

Rebelling against Yselago traditions and beliefs, Mr. Kaletaqa and little Maybelle–both individualists in their own way–find out the shocking truth behind a mirror that the village has kept hidden from outsiders for hundreds of years.

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