Published: An Ogre in Walmart

A flash fiction story of mine, entitled “An Ogre in Walmart”, was accepted into Sirens Call Publications Magazine this month.

It is available here —>

My story appears in issue number #43, Women in Horror 10, on page 73.

Thank you so much for your support. May you all be well.


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  1. You don’t need me to compliment this story. You were published!! That’s so wonderful and so was your story. I really enjoyed it. I loved the humor. I needed a good laugh today along with a great story. I loved the details, such as where he was, what items he was eating etc. These things might be small but they really added to the visuals. It was like I was really there. I can learn so much from you.

    As you know, this is what I enjoy about your writing. You bring me right into the story. I am you, or the character as you guide me through the narrative as to what I am doing next. Oh, the tampon concept was priceless. Such an imagination where you can bring every day things into a story, using them as greater aspects to connect the reader with the character. Again, giving the reader, me in this case, the ability to truly become intimate with the character and the story as a whole. 10 stars. You broke the 5 star rating meter. I love your stories.

    From your number one fan. (A little Stephen King humor.)

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    1. Yes, a Misery nod. Nice. I really appreciate you taking the time to read that. I don’t even realize anyone else actually reading it other than me and the editor I submitted it to. Aahhahaha. I am truly truly humbled. Speechless. I guess the aim is for an audience to enjoy this stuff I write but when it actually happens I am always dumbfounded. Just wowww. Hahaha. Thanks again.

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