There are None

What could I say? 

What sound on or off the blue-green Earth could I possibly utter?
What string or stream of words or combination of statements, questions, or figurativeness could I write for the circumstances?
There are none.
Is there some kind of gesture I could extend?
Adjust the degree of warmth or cold in my interactions?
Would that matter?
The answer is also no to either of those.
Maybe if I sought change for myself. Or if I chose nothing but silence.
A non-reaction.
Would things be different then?
An enveloping vacuum of no’s.
When a mind is made up–no matter the nature of enlightenment, ignorance, or brainwashing that got it there–it lays down beneath the daisies.

12 thoughts on “ There are None

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  1. Your philosophy is sound – if someone has their mind made up, it’s very difficult to change.
    I think it’s even more difficult to change someone’s mind if they haven’t made it up, but are vacillating between two extremes.
    Great post! I’m liking this side of you. 🙂

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    1. yeah. you know what they say — “say good or say nothing” and that is something i believe deeply in every single atom that makes up the whole of me. and every other unknown material that makes up the whole of my soul. i try to live by that expression as best i can and want to do even better with it. doing this comes at a cost. people get uncomfortable with that. they can’t understand it. and soon, when you’re too quiet, people invent things about you that aren’t true. make up stuff that you must be thinking and doing. and it’s hard but i can’t do a thing about that.

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      1. You put it so well Rachel. Do you feel the same about art? I mean artists do say things of all types–should they say things which are ‘good?’ would love to hear what you think!

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        1. I’m not the judge and jury but i can only speak for myself. i feel I have a responsibility to keep my intentions purposeful. even with the most cruel of villains and the most twisted and dark of circumstances, i want what i write to serve the world to grow in some way through entertaining them (moving emotions)–when people are entertained they pay attention. when they are moved, they see clearer. when they see evil put up next to good. but at the same time i want to make us think about who we are as human beings and how we can improve. listen. think. feel. believe. etc. sometimes, the best way to make people think is showing them darkness and realism. how else are we going to do it? get on a soapbox and yell “hey everyone! be a good person!” “God says to do XYZ” –though those things are good messages and I believe in God and that he is good, but who the hell out of the majority of us is going to be changed by just hearing that alone?

          Also, art is a way to keep the mind and soul sharp. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than the puzzle solving nature of organizing words, putting language together in such a way as to communicate ideas effectively instead of the day-to-day ways.

          Sorry i talk a lot. hahahhahaha

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          1. I love talking a lot, especially with someone as eloquent as you. I understand your views better now. I am going through your latest post–A stranger thumped…that’s so funny and I just stopped to look up slaphappy which is a new word for me. You’ve a gift for humor, horror and poetry to say the least. I am only beginning to read your wonderful works. 🙂

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