The Reaper’s Image

The King is in the FFP building again. Baba, Daddio, Bapu Stephen King, that is.

I was practicing with my new refurbished condenser microphone tonight and read this well-up-to-King-standard short story from my copy of Skeleton Crew called “The Reaper’s Image”. I don’t remember ever reading it before but I was nicely chilled by this one! (That’s a good thing to me, by the by.)

So, here I am, reading this for the first time aloud in one single take. I apologize for any mistakes and anything about the sound quality that is, well, not quality. Hahaaa. I think it passes okay though.

Please do feel free to click on my Audio page here and consider letting me record (for free) an audio version of something that you wrote for your blog. I will happily send you the mp3 file for you to post. I would love the extra practice.

Please click and enjoy listening to “The Reaper’s Image“:

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