In Mr. Habte’s Apartment (also, see the writer’s challenge after this story)

a list of the contents in the trash bin belonging to Mr. Nadir Habte:

  1. one set of sweat-soaked, piss-wetted, blood-stained bed sheets
  2. one shattered bedside lamp and light bulb
  3. seven used tissues–all drenched in mucus and tears, some speckled with blood
  4. glass shards from a broken bathroom wall mirror
  5. scraps cut from a length of medical gauze
  6. three plastic-wrapped, unopened packs of Winstons–all branded with the slogan: “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should”
  7. near-full pack of Oreo Double Stuf
  8. half-eaten bag of Jet-Puffed Jumbo Marshmallows
  9. three egg shells
  10. one apple core
  11. two used tea bags
  12. one empty bottle of Visine
  13. receipt and tags cut from new pair of Nike jogging shoes
  14. plastic seal ripped from the lid of a tube of Banana Boat Sunscreen SPF 50
  15. packaging from a set of sweatbands, (2 wrist bands and 1 headband)

a list of items on the night stand belonging to Mr. Nadir Habte:

  1. one key ring, including apartment keys, car keys, office keys, and a newly-acquired padlock key to storage unit #237 at Wally’s Tuck-Away Self Storage Yard
  2. one pair of black-rimmed reading glasses
  3. a receipt and to-date public library card, accompanied by a special pass to the limited-access archives section
  4. one EVP recorder
  5. one string of beads for performing tasbeeh


Writer’s Challenge:

I would LOVE to see my fellow bloggers write a story in the form of a list, as is the format for this post. Go on! Give it a try! Fiction, non-fiction, any genre, lists of tangible or intangible things, phrases, dialogue, memories, images–anything…go wild. Please do. Post a link to your version of a “list story” in theΒ comments please.


48 thoughts on “In Mr. Habte’s Apartment (also, see the writer’s challenge after this story)

Add yours

    1. I honestly just made it up after seeing a similar name. I had no idea it was a real name. That’s so cool! I think I was taking shots in the dark at a name that was a mix of Western and Eastern and also somehow with Muslim roots bc that’s how I pictured the main character. Thank you so much for asking and for telling me of its Ethiopian connection. Love that. πŸ™‚

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      1. Not sure Habte is a muslim name. Just curious how significant the name was fir your story (not a criticism). Your list is so good…so much detail and some of the trash can contents made me feel a little quesy, especially since at first I hadn’t read it was a trash can and imagined it was just stuff strewn about the apartment.


        1. It’s not a Muslim name. I agree. There is no such thing as a Muslim name bc anyone in any culture can be a Muslim. I just mean typically or generally. The guy is just a guy in the story but he does tasbeeh, similar to the way a Christian may use rosary beads. Just wanted a religious character bc something scary happened to him and he turns to God for protection is all.

          Thank you so much for reading and it’s cool the story produced a reaction, an impact. Even a little. Thanks again. Have a great day!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


          1. Of couse. Lazy and sloppy of me but in general, Arabic names are used by Muslims even in non-Arab cultures e.g. Indonesian, Bangladeshi etc…as you have done here with ‘Nadir’ when trying to conjure ‘Muslim roots’.

            Your story telling is great. A good day to you too 😊

            P.s. in case tone gets list in text…I’m just conversing, not critisising you.


            1. Oh I totally understand and I knew your intent and tone was just conversational and friendly. Mine was completely that too! πŸ™‚ No worries at all! Thank you so much for your kindness and sweet consideration of me. Really nice of you! Hope to stay in touch! ❀ thank you again for reading and for the feedback. Really grateful. Xo


  1. This is so clever!! I really like this approach to telling a story, FFP! You make it clear what happened, but you leave enough room for the reader to draw her or his own conclusions. Brilliant.


    1. You absolutely can. Your humor, style, creativity, and fearlessness can attest to that. I cannot wait to read yours, Itches-butt woman! Haha. (Sorry I don’t know you by any other name. What is it, if I may ask?) Get writing! yay! ❀ πŸ™‚ and thanks for reading my post!

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    1. I love weird!!! Kimmy-Vladdy-Mel what the hell do you mean you couldn’t!? Like hell! That’s bs. You could and you will!! Please I beg. It could even be a true personal story. A list. One item being a zipped up jacket in an 80 degree gym. Two being a nose in the air. Hahahahahhaha. You get me right? It can even be political or silly or emotional. You will be great. I hope you do. Post link here if that happens. ❀ ❀


  2. i have just read this. brilliant post & and an even more brilliant challenge! i’ll try and give it a shot! thank you for giving me (us) something to look forward to & work towards! ✨

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    1. I’m so glad you did the challenge. Everyone, click the link if you haven’t already. She does something interesting with the concept near the end of her piece, making it her own. Yay! I’m so excited. Yay for writing! πŸ’›β£πŸ’›β£

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  3. with your permission I’ve adopted your format

    In Mr. Wayfarer’s dwelling unit

    list of refuse found in Mr. Wayfarer’s trash

    1. antiquated notions of self doubt and anxiety about how he’s perceived
    2. insistence that he be right
    3. seeking immediate gratification
    4. snap judgment
    5. failure to recognize and embrace alternatives views about himself and others

    list of items in Mr. Wayfarer’s toolbox

    1. impartial observation of himself
    2. devotion of time dedicated to silence in solitude
    3. reverence for something indescribable beyond himself
    4. awareness of the violence and beauty of nature
    5. attention to the dwelling of his soul, while serving his sentence here, and taking good care of it

    list of items in Mr. Wayfarer’s closet

    1. deviant voyeuristic appetite and tendencies
    2. classic liberal political preference
    3. a shelf with items previously discarded, but saved for possible emergencies
    4. revulsion to obvious deceit that cannot be admitted
    5. self deception

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    1. You far exceeded what I even pictured, but I knew you would do something lofty, introspective, and helpful for any of us to examine ourselves. I feel we all need this list, especially the toolbox part! That is so valuable. Bravo! And nice touch with the character’s name. May we all continue the work to clean out our closet and find out what drove us to stuff those things in there in the first place. Ameen.

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  4. Missing Person

    Dog Food
    Cheese cubes
    Laundry soap
    Dishwasher pods
    What’s that for?
    Clorox? Uh…Um the drains. And sweat socks.
    Theres’ no hope for your sweat socks.
    Knife sharpener
    Turkey smokies
    Chipotle saugsage
    I can’t eat those, you know that, right?
    I know
    5mil non latex disposable gloves
    8 pack paper towels
    Contractor bags
    Recip saw blade
    Romaine, other greens
    If I buy anything at the Tool Outlet they’ll give me a tarp
    Why do you need a tarp?
    For the back of my car? It’s free?
    Non GMO gluten free diary free organic sawdust protein bars
    Flat of bottled water
    Wire brush
    Muriatic acid cement wash
    Special K
    I’m going back to automotive, you have your card?

    Borrow Larry’s car
    Drive to Oklahoma
    Borrow Ben’s Bayrunner
    Wait 48 hours, call police

    Your house smells like clorox
    The drain from the AC condensation clogs
    Mind if we look around

    1 iphone
    1 ipad
    1 bag misc knives
    1 Ryobi Recip saw
    1 shopping list pad – blank
    1 Honda Minivan
    scheduled luminol for garage floor
    signed receipt for above

    Van’s clean
    phone never left home
    ipad’s clean
    saw’s clean
    Sorry about your wife, sir

    Dumpster behind Bob’s Bait, Tenkiller OK
    burn phone
    contractor bags
    wire brush
    Clorox bottle
    pawn shop recip saw

    Burn barrel at Ben’s lakehouse


      1. I’m to the point that most dialogue, like t-shirts and underwear, should be tag free. With my dying breath I will ask why people continue to do -‘What time is it?” she asked. Hello? ? = asks, doesit not? Unless it is crying for a lazy modifier that would be better served by a verb. Right? He asked, petulantly and with some confsion.

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