When Hindsight Comes A-Calling

Hindsight knocked. He brought Bravado, And close behind, Blame did follow. I invited the First Then shut the door To keep away the Second and Third. I pulled out a chair for the guest to sit To stay and chat a little bit. We sipped our tea, (Hindsight and Me), And no one else sat... Continue Reading →

Countdown FFP’s 10 Scariest TV Theme Songs (plus bonus themes)

Break time! Pausing my writing compositions for a post dedicated to this fear-lover's fav scary TV theme songs. Click each title if you want to hear its theme. If there are any I've overlooked, add them in the comments section and mention where it would fall on the countdown. If there are any of mine... Continue Reading →

An Incident Under the Stars

http://www.buzzsprout.com/75459/454944-koldkast-a-horror-podcast-3 (A podcast selected and performed my story.  Click the link to listen.) “I think I'm just too nice,” was the answer she gave to his question.  Immediately, she recoiled at her own words, recognizing the moronic simplicity of them, sinking down into the driver's seat.  She was glad that she didn't have to see... Continue Reading →

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