A Nightwalk to the After-Edge

I have to get the fuck out of this house. The volume on the TV was just above audible but was hitting my ears like an amateur heavy metal band on open mic night. There were no other sounds, though every stud bay behind the drywall could've had a banshee in it; the silence seemed... Continue Reading →



Should it be this easy for me to forget what reality looks like? My runaway imagination always tricks me into thinking that each experience will be a white stallion in a meadow who then takes a thrilling dive off a cliff into a ravine and just before touching water, he sprouts wings and finds a... Continue Reading →

Hurry up and Hurt Me

There wasn’t any fear or dread when the thought hit me this morning.  Pain was on my mind.  Emotional pain and heartache.  And I was anticipating it, inviting it even.  Why the hell would a person do that?  No, I’m no masochist; I don’t even enjoy pain in the slightest, but I can endure a... Continue Reading →

The Fitful Diary of an Undergrad

Fictional short stories and poems are my writing preference, and so is writing all-new pieces to post here, as I originally resolved to do when I changed this blog to the "public" setting, this past September, but a non-sequitur is happily welcomed sometimes.  Hundreds of pages of my past writings, however, are in the form... Continue Reading →

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