The Cake is a Lie

The promise of cake on the dining room table
Is a lie,
And so are the writhing maggots in its place.
I’m dessert! I had heard it speak.
I’m sweet and rich with dark-chocolate swirls!
I turned to see quick,
Expecting buttercream thick
And an orange-lit wick
To celebrate with.
But there was no cake.
Is none.
Will be none.
I am glad of this though
Because I aim to roam
With a Lion,
(Not with a Lie)
And I will need more than shallow nutrition
Which is only befitting
For dogs.

Author’s Note:
We’ve all assumed that something (an event, a person, a plan, etc.) is way sweeter than it is and will be/is of the desserts of life. We sometimes come to find out that it isn’t as great as we once imagined. However, things are never as rotten or awful as we think either. Not much is ever easy and is neither the worst. What should we do then? My goal is to try to find those things that are more fulfilling in life, more quietly noble. Things and people that encourage integrity, growth, and purpose above all else, and stick to that. To go around expecting “cake” all the time is idiotic and detrimental.

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Listen to The Cake is a Lie (FFP poem) by Fitful, Phantasmal #np on #SoundCloud


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