When Hindsight Comes A-Calling

Hindsight knocked.
He brought Bravado,
And close behind, Blame did follow.
I invited the First
Then shut the door
To keep away the Second and Third.
I pulled out a chair for the guest to sit
To stay and chat a little bit.
We sipped our tea,
(Hindsight and Me),
And no one else sat in between.

25 thoughts on “When Hindsight Comes A-Calling

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    1. Margot my dear, my sweet brilliant Margot, you SO get me! You literally affirm me time and time again and help even me, (the person who wrote this), learn insights from my own writing better than I would have without your comments. Thank you so incredibly much for your presence and fellowship here as we enjoy blogging alongside each other. God bless you! Hope all is well with you. I really appreciate you. โค

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  1. First there is education. Then there is wisdom. Bravado and Blame is the shortest and most accurate description of an emotional “episode” I recall reading. In the John D. MacDonald vein. Shorten the last line to a Byronism “with no one between” BAM. Thoughtful work, as always.


    1. Wow. Thank you so very much for those compliments and also the comparison to MacDonald. Amazing! I’m humbled. Yeah your suggestion might make the end less sing-songy too. Thank you for that. Appreciate your reading this. Have a great week.


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