In the Wake of Whales

Ishmael watched Ahab
Chasing the perceived taunt
Of the beast of the sea,
That haunt of the gaunt,
White Ghost of the sea.
O, to be Ishmael! (What painful helplessness!)
The observer, the powerless.
To be unable to do a thing but retell the story.

I, reader of Ishmael’s tale know
‘Tis true!
The White Ghost
Took something the Captain most
Whether it severed Captain’s limb
(Be it by reason or by whim)
Is not a question of ours therein.
He hath one leg left and the other be whalebone as a stand-in.

Ahab (god-like but ungodly) took on the role of victim
And so a possession did inflict him,
That of obsession of spirit
To hunt down the White Haunt and spear it.
One and all must fear it,
Ahab sang,
As though a chorus after lyrics.
I’ll abandon all other life and deed
And man in need.
To this he remained true
Even when The Rachel’s Captain sailed through
To ask for help in finding missing crew
Which mayhap drowned by The Whale too.

And in the end The Ghost took him
For it had wholly shook him.
Instead of awe of powerful forces
And humility from his injured distortion
And gratitude for remaining sources
Of gifts,
He chose the vengefulness of a thousand horses.

5 thoughts on “In the Wake of Whales

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    1. I could not have summed up its themes any better. Honestly I was a little in shock when I read this because I was like, “oh wow…I actually got a point across”. hahhahahha. it seemed kind of a flop but i was so hyped to know it had at least some value in the way you mentioned. Thanks.

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