Melt, Wilt, Wring

If an ice cube melts in Cyprus,
Would a seal feel it in Alaska?

I ask ya.

When a willow wilts in Thailand,
Will the terrain sprout a new one in Belgium?

C’mon. Tell ’em.

If I wring my soul dry like a wet towel here,
Would you be soul-thirsty there?

I’ll wait, wondering, in an armchair.

5 thoughts on “Melt, Wilt, Wring

Add yours

    1. YAssssssss D! We are giving up popcorn and now we are wringing ourselves flat! wooooooo! we are two crazy gals. but so awesome we are!!! Thanks so much for the compliment and the upbeat friendship you bring. love ya! ❤ Hows your blog? how are you? what are your fav blog posts of yours lately?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh do I really have to give up popcorn!?? Oh maybe for some spicy Doritos oh yeaahhh!
        So enjoy hanging with you and love ya back bigtime beautiful soul ❤️❤️!
        I’m having a happy summer full of motorcycle and bicycle adventures and sweet folk! And you? Getting outdoors much or preferring the cosy indoors??
        I’m so happy you asked for a fav blog post …. wow….first time in a year anyone has asked this.
        My recent “Tsunami” is… cataclysmic 🤣
        Have I missed a fave of yours??? 🌹💖

        Liked by 1 person

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