Maybe, When it Ends

Maybe it will rise in the west,
The sun that is,
On some given day.

After that, maybe the moon will split in two
And its halves will be consumed
Into the staggering belly of the sun.

Will the affluent then disperse
To their fallout shelters,
Their concrete playpens?
Will those be of any use then?
Let us say those walls were once intact and strong,
Will they remain that way for long?

Maybe they will shake down
The mountains,
Widespread earthquakes that is,
Sinking the mountains flat as if they had just been turned
Into strands of yarn,
Around the time of that given day.
And if the mountains were shaken and taken
From the idyllic backdrops of our lives,
So then too would be the skyscrapers and pyramids
And state-of-the-art bridges.

Would you reach for your wallet then,
Grabbing it after you made sure
You’d checked the mirror and
Were dressed in your best
Before running into the ravaged streets?
In my view,
Not one dollar would matter then,
Not even a million or would two.
Even giving all your means in charity
Would have no bearing.
Man would probably be equal then.
Or maybe not in appearance.
Maybe for an hour, the faces and bodies of the beautiful
Would be swapped with the ugly and forgot.
Could you be concerned with the approval,
The opinion of your neighbor then?
The ones who might’ve laughed at your career path
And the people you loved
And the interests you had?
Your children’s college-fund savings you guarded so carefully?
For which hand-to-heart country you pledged your nationality?
That old car you were embarrassed to drive?
Respect and prestige and honor and remembrance you wanted?
The fulfillment of all your sexual desires?
The flatness of your stomach or the circumference of your thighs?

Maybe it will redden
And never return to blue,
The sky that is,
On that given day,
And then rip into pieces
Letting outer space seep through.
What would people do?
Scream? Run? Scatter?
Would falling on your knees (at that point) to beg even matter?

Maybe the seas would boil and burst into flames.
Maybe clouds of dust and poisoned gas would all of us suffocate.

Maybe magma would cover the land,

Ripping apart every child from their mother’s or lover’s hand.

Maybe all things above the skies
Will rain down in fragments after they collide.

Maybe all the matter inside Earth
(That we had once taken for granted, the signs of its richest blues and greens)
Will be removed with one fathomless squeeze.

And if you are then still alive, or somehow able to perceive,
There would remain for you here only two things:
Sorrow and Fear.
Maybe it would be a beginning of those two.
Or maybe an end.

Maybe man will have reduced you down to a few superficial things,
And only God kept track of what was wholly in your soul,
Every atom and every string.

32 thoughts on “Maybe, When it Ends

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  1. “Maybe the seas would boil and burst into flames.”
    This really, really scared me…but it’s good to be scared, especially if it makes you think.

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    1. Yes yes! Girl Phoenix my friend you got it! I wrote this totally inspired by the qayamah! I don’t know how accurate I got it but I just sat down and was going by memory as best I could. Made up some stuff but thats just all part of fiction. I have not quite finished the entire Qur’an yet but I’m getting close.

      Ok now I am so very humbled at your warm compliments! Wow! I am so happy you liked the poem!! Awwwww. So sweet of you Phoenix M lady mohtarma!!! (I think I screwed up that word hahaha) I have written so many things inspired by Islam on this blog. ❤

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      1. Woow. See this was what i was talking about earlier, being able to capture such beautiful notions in equally beautiful stories; Inshallah you’re earning Sawab by the simple act of writing tales like these and using your talent for stories rife with educative references of Islam in it. I hope to be able to write content like this someday!

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        1. Ohh thank God I was honestly terrified that one day someone would tell me writing stories like this is wrong somehow and at that point I would have laid in bed bawling for 30 days straight and chewed off my own hands down to nubs. I love writing so much. Can’t live without it. Thank you so much for all you’ve said. Looking forward to all your future posts since it seems we may have similar tastes in stories if you like this type. May you be well!!!!

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    1. Oh wow, Ellie, it’s so surreal when someone tells you that you wrote something that actually made some kind of impact or made them pause. That’s unreal to me. And that the writing quality they liked!? Cloud nine! Thank you so much for reading the poem and for taking the time to let me know and paying me those compliments. Means so much. Thank you!!!

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  2. Phoenix is right about the sawab. You’re affirming yours and others’ belief in something that’s very much real to them and you, and that counts as a virtue. You write, FFP. You write awesome. Never stop. Every comment on this poem is people telling you they’re reevaluating things, finding you inspiring, thinking in new ways, wondering, pondering. In that and so many more ways, you’re doing right by writing. 23. ~

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    1. REALLY!!?!?!? Famileeeeee that is so so so blanket-burrito-wrapped reassuring and affirming and comforting. Ah that is so good to hear. Wow. I didn’t really go at it with that angle of focus and resolve until you articulated it. And writing fiction has so much value! Eeeeeeeee. I am excited to, In Sha Allah, write more like this. Ideas already cooking. 🙂 🙂 :). Bohat bohat shukria man-akhi-baba-frenling.

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      1. Yay! Yes, really! EEEE, blanket, burrito shwarma bread of comfort with mayonnaise and Vermont cheese. Like, seriously, motherlyfamlingthing, it has the best value. Stories are intensely powerful, poetry powerful still. You will write more, and you will write awesome and Jazak Allah, Barak Allah, fren-fren-women.

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  3. I have had a lot of these thoughts on my mind as of late… not as beautiful as yours of course… always torn between the idea that this is and isn’t very important… life that is… so many great lines… so many great thoughts to ponder…


    1. Ohh thank you so much for that compliment Layne. Yeah I would like to hope a lot of us could connect to ideas like this. I’m so glad you had personal resonance with it. Thank you again for reading and seeing beauty in there. ❤ ❤


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