There’s an Ogre in Walmart

Ogres need tampons too, I’ll have you know. Well, us part-time ones do. Actually, if I’m being honest, I can only speak for myself, as I’ve never known another ogre in my life, if there are any others.

I’m a red-blooded woman by day. And, since almost a year ago on my twenty-third birthday, the change happened by dark for the first time and has repeated each night ever since. Early on, the word “wereogre” popped into my head. That’s what I call myself, although I’ve no one to tell it to. I want to, but I’m afraid of revealing my secret. I pray it’s just a phase.

I usually hit the 24-hour stores only, which of course are open at first daylight. Can’t take any chances.ย But I deviated from my rule once, on a late, autumn afternoon, because I accidentally got careless about my Kotex supply. So, sue me.

As soon as I purchased my items I headed to the restroom, one of those family ones, so I could have more privacy.

“Attention Walmart shoppers!” I heard a voice blare over the PA system. “This is your friendly neighborhood terrorist!”

I had just cracked open the restroom door, after using one of those jet-engine-powered hand dryers, when I saw a man in a trenchcoat with his back to me. He was speaking into the PA microphone at the manager’s station. There were two rifles strapped to his back; I could see their barrel ends jutting out of the collar of his coat.

“Trust me when I say, you’re gonna wanna stay riiight where your pretty, little selves are,” the gunman echoed out over the megastore.

I closed and locked the door again.

“Each exit has been rigged with explosives that I have just activated remotely. If you try to leave through any of them, not only will youย die, but I will aim my gun and shoot the next, lovely customer I see, right between the eyes. Now, I know we don’t want that.”

Unable to hold myself up then, I fell to my knees.

“I’d personally like to see y’all live through this. But the decisions you make leave that in your hands. Ya see? Like I said–friendly. I’m gonna need everyone to head on over to the frozen food department and…chill.” The speakers clicked off in the middle of his chuckle.

Muffled screams and commotion of the Walmart-goers and employees seeped through the restroom door. 9-1-1 was busy when I dialed–go figure. In my hysteria, I hallucinated the bite of bullets ripping through the door and into my flesh. So, I crawled to the corner to be better surrounded by masonry.

While bawling, I muttered a few, what-am-I-gonna-do’s, and some, I-don’t-want-to-die’s. I figured I’d just wait it out, hide in there, that is, until the thought crossed my mind that someone may unlock the door anyway or else break it down.

Another new anxiety seized me, too: The change! Darkness wasn’t far off.

I heard a single gunshot in the distance. I stood up.

It couldn’t have been me who conceived the plan that came to mind then; I’m not that clever. But, nonetheless, I had clarity from somewhere about what I knew I had to do, and fast before anyone else got hurt.

The hell with my concern about the change and others seeing me in my nighttime form.

Next, I convinced myself that the odds of running into the gunman, until I was ready, were small so I could get the gall to skitter and stealth to the office supplies department. I snatched a bag of jumbo-sized zip ties.

The change was coming fast. The familiar feeling of burning pin prickings and cramping intensified.

Trying to keep each footfall noiseless, I ran past the Halloween masks on my way to the groceries. God help me, for I smirked. Ha! I wouldn’t be needing any of those, obviously, since I’d now fully transformed into the monstrous, horned, green ogre that I was the other half of my days.

I made it to aisle thirteen without crossing anyone’s path. I’d remembered seeing a Nesquik strawberry syrup display on the endcap there. I’m surprised I had the presence of mind to strip down naked first because, well, how intimidating would I have possibly been in street clothes and a pair of Nikes? I unscrewed a bottle of the Nesquik and smeared the deep-red goo all over my hands and mouth.

All that was left was for me to find the enemy.

In one of the most perfectly-timed moments of my life, I turned the corner into the cereal aisle and there he was, standing alone, having himself a little snack. He was eating a chocolate Clif bar–only douches eat Clif bars–which he dropped upon sighting me.

“You’ve done well my son,” I growled in the deepest voice I could manage, “and made The Father proud.”

We were eye to eye and he was paralyzed as he gazed into the orange glow of mine. “Who are you?” he squeaked.

“I’m the minion who told you to gather the innocents here,” I lied. I impressed myself with the dialogue that poured out. Who knew I was such a natural actress and improviser? “I was eager for the extra, stolen souls so I took the liberty of ripping a few of them apart for you.” I gestured to the syrup blood on my green skin.

I held his eye contact and kept spouting evil conversation as I gently wrapped his arms around a support pole, so haply located, and zip tied his wrists. He was too scared to resist nor realize what I was up to. A puddle of his urine pooled beneath him.

After removing the ammunition from his guns, I threw the clips down the aisle. The detonator remote was in his breast pocket. The friggin switches were actually labeled “armed” and “disarmed.” I flicked the switch, redressed, and made a quick call to the cops before hanging up on them.

Shopping-CartI’d never felt more accomplished or alive! But I wasn’t about to wait around to be discovered and be shot or become some government lab specimen. Luck was in no shortage because the freight exit I chose wasn’t saturated with cops.

I ran into the forest for miles, fixed up a camouflaged hiding spot with evergreen branches, and stayed put until first light.

At dawn, I strolled out of the treeline and into the parking lot. I got in my car and headed home.

Funniest thing–Can you believe it?–I can’t fathom why per se, but the change never happened again after that night.


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  1. The latter photo almost to a screenshot of Stephen Kings The Mist. When reading of women and their shopping adventures- can be considered within a genre of Horror for some. Entertaining still!

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    1. Jay–thank you so much for giving this a read and for reblogging it. I really appreciate that. I love that you thought of The Mist when you looked at that. I love that story. thanks for the comment and let me know if there’s anything of yours your’d like me to read because i’d be happy to reciprocate ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Wow, that’sweet of you. Wasn’t really expecting a thanx, it was just an interesting to read. Only been on here about a week. I’m Aspiring Adult Fiction Author and I’ve had a couple of months to work on a book. I also post short stories, there usually of my own experience, and to even speak of pretty serious issues I believe were facing. Even a couple poems I wrote to impress this girl on here lol. If you enjoy any of them feel free to reblog. It would be great if perhaps we could have each other’s back on here, and thanks for being so friendly. Btw what are some of your favorite horror flics?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Very glad to meet you jay. Sure I got your back, no problem! Let me know if you need something I’m here. I will follow your blog and you can mine too if you like the writing.

          There’s too many to mention but two movies that popped in my mind are Misery and IT.

          And trust me–don’t write to impress anyone except yourself.


          1. I loved It. I definitely wish to see the remake. I’ve only read King’s Dark Tower series, Wich such an amazing achievement in the history bid story telling. I actually grew up reading Crichton. Then to Clive Barker and King. When it comes to movies I prefer psychological thrillers and would have to say my favorite series has always been Supernatural. Kind of all over the place, just as I write- but my work will always have dark themes. It’s just always far more interesting to me explore those parts of myself and also in others. I’m wanting to upgrade on here so any advice for the best (sexiest) option?


            1. Sorry, Jay, I’ve no idea what you mean exactly by “upgrade on here.” And I also am not sure what you mean “sexiest.” You mean visually appealing? I’m unclear. I wouldn’t be the person to ask questions like that anyway. I’m just genuinely trying to grow as a person, enjoy writing, improve my writing, maybe take steps to publish, and interact with other authors so we can support each other. I only want my blog to appeal to people due to the content, not any other gimmicks or approaches.


    1. Flipping Fucking Perfect!! tell me more about me? hahhahahhhaaha just kidding. trying to be as funny as that one post you did. but failed. and I’m so glad you loved it! i loved that you loved to love it! and totally right on—-Wereogres for life! and i think i finally got that word out of my system. whew. it felt good to laugh about that for like, what a week or two straight now?

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  2. Funny. Throughout the story I kept wondering if there was truly going to be an ogre or would it end up just being a woman with terrible pms. Lol
    Speaking of monsters I just watched Dracula Untold I really enjoyed it. I love tales of the early monsters such as the wolf man or Frankenstein or Dracula, and this one was good. If you like that sort of thing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHHHH HAHAHAAHHA!! i LOVE that! i didn’t think of that ogre being figurative. damn i missed that opportunity. sadly mine was a literal one. hahhaa but not so sad bc i had so much fun writing it.

      I read the original Frankenstein many years ago and I was absolutely changed forever by it. It still flows through me. I loved that one in particular, although I’m not a huge classic horror buff but i don’t dislike it. more modern stuff is my jam. what else are your favs Xen? nice to see you today!!

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      1. To be honest, I love horror period. Anything gory, grotesque and bizarre. I know,I know that it’s doesn’t seem to fit my personality but I suppose it’s my guilty pleasure. Lol
        One of my favorite movies of all time is the devils rejects. Lol. True life serial killers and another passionate interest of mine. Sigh. I’m creepy. Lol

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  3. This was a great story. While I didn’t find the story scary (I doubt you meant it to be anyway), I found it entertaining and that’s really all that matters, right? Again, you managed to give the terrorist dude quite a personality with just a few lines of dialogue and a bit of description. That’s serious skill. I will have to come ask you for help next time I want to write interesting characters. Really enjoyed the story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. PL, great to see you again. Thank you very much for taking the time to read and send me feedback. I’m thrilled you were entertained.

      It has been a while since I have gone all out and really made an effort to go for the big scare factor. I should put that on my to do list I always have going.

      Also I am absolutely grateful about your compliment of the character. And if you’re serious I would be beyond happy to help you with characters or anything. I’m here! Just click on my contact page and ask. I love reading and editing and all things writing. Have a great weekend


  4. Ha! You talented and lovely ogre. I have to admit; I have seen ogres in Walmart. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Also letting you know you’re amazing poem will be posted on SMM next week; probably Wednesday. WP will ping you when it happens. Have a fantastic weekend!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Rose! So good to talk to you again. Thanks so much for reading! Yeah Walmart is like it’s own planet and culture unto itself. I can’t get my head around it. One of life’s great mysteries. I really appreciate your time. I’m excited about the SMM post too. Enjoying the mag! Thanks again! Hope you are well. I hope to visit your personal blog again asap

      Liked by 1 person

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