We’ve No Need for a Dream Sprawler

Lookie here, maggot spit!
Tight ship!
Tight ship–
That’s exactly what we’s runnin’

Listen up, brace and bit!
No lip!
Or snip, snip–
We relieves you of both of your

With this rigging,
We’s gonna bore you a hole
Into your side
And out the other.

We’s a few things
To implant inside there.
Don’t fuss.
Stop screaming for mommy because
Now we’s your Mother.

In fact,
She’s the one who sent for we,
And your pappy too.
Everyone who knows you.
We knows what you’ve been up to–
Thinking yourself special–Ha!

Quit wriggling about!
This will hurt either way.
They’s burrowing in now,
So far,
Until it’s out of anyone’s hands.

Oh, what? You’s crying now?
Didya plan on breaching membranes?
Why shouldn’t it be for you
As it was set for all the we’s that came before?

What you say?
You’re not like we’s?
What’s that you think?
There’s better for you in the beyond?

No, we’s never gone there;
We’s been told there lies enemies.
And we’s don’t push to find out.

See here, you nightcrawler!
Give in!
Give in–
We’s says what’s good fer you’s.

Take heed, dream sprawler!
Mind thin!
Keep thoughts thin–
It’s vast and too open so don’t ever venture
Out there.


33 thoughts on “We’ve No Need for a Dream Sprawler

Add yours

    1. Aww sweet! I was playing around with it and it’s either creepy or wacky or both. Thank you for reading. I was reading through your writer friend’s page last night. You guys both have the long form comment thing on so I have to type out my email and paste a link to my website and type my name before I can comment. Oh well. There are people dying out there so I can overcome this. 🙂 please keep writing though

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Your line “lost souls trapped in veins” has given me an idea for a piece. THANK YOU! I’ve got over a dozen premises in drafts and i will add this to that list. and horror/macabre is something I have loved since I was tiny. my mom thought I was weird that I didn’t want the princess stories read to me at bedtime- I hate most of that shit. hahaha. horror fans are the nicest, warmest people in my experience

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  1. read this in Barbossa’s voice, shifted to Hannibal Lecter’s in the middle, shifted to Jack Sparrow’s in the middle-after-middle, and ended it in smeagol’s. Did I do a good job of it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. barbosa-lecter-sparrow-golem voice phonetics were even better than i was aiming for. that is AWESOME!!! in content, i was going for this concept about someone who is a dreamer who thinks outside of systems and blindness and wants to know about it and the system was like there’s nothing out there idiot. why do you think your life and knowledge should be any different than ours, even thought we haven’t actually tried going outside the box we just judge doing it anyway. yeah. hahahhahahah. but in a literal way i picture this guy being held down and some enforcers are injecting some controlling device and chemicals inside him to make him comply. idk. did any of that come across in the poem? hahhahah. eeeeeeeee. thanks for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

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