You, Your Friend, and Your Silent Mouth

You must be two people.

If you’re not, you should be,

But I shouldn’t tell you that;

Who wants to hear from me?

Shut-mouthed then open wide,

But not too much the latter;

On pestered ears it will strike

As nothing more than chatter.

A monk-oathed muted lamb,

Yet also an evangelist;

Too much noise frightens wings

To snap and spread and lift.

A landslide of landfill to them,

A treasure trove to you,

Wholehearted words can slay the rams

And hearts won favor too.

When to give each side the floor?

A decision for the wise;

Be brave enough to loose a cry

But speak with just your eyes.

Afford yourself to be heard,

But not forget respect be earned

Of bruised knees and glued lips

And steady, gentle fingertips.

Ironically I give advice

On anti-advice-giving.

I’ll cease to presume to tell you how,

I’ll just let you go on living.


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