The Pendulum

There is a pendulum,
With an iron ball,
That seeks to harm
And destroy us all.

Its thunderous thrash,
Its mammoth power,
Thrives on chaos
In its blackened tower.

The iron, it must,
Turn virtue to dust
Before we can contain it.
Although one may want
To use all one may wrought,
We simply cannot restrain it.

Prodigious machine,
Well-oiled, you gleam,
I’ve tried like hell to slow you.
To hinder your gears,
I’ve spent many years
Yet seemingly cannot throw you.

So, with time and thought I concede
The apparatus must proceed.
To do what it does,
It’s there just because
It’s inherent as the stuffs of Candide.

Here, found in the tower that exists,
Beyond that demon that must persist,
I spotted a spot,
With a window and thought,
Now I needn’t struggle or resist.

But I’m lonely where I’m standing
And it does no good demanding
That another join me.
Oh, why must this be?
They’re doubtful that I am landing.

Wow, it’s so good from my view!
 I just wish someone knew
What I see from my peaceful height.
I focus my gaze.
I can’t feel their malaise.
The mayhem can’t move my sight.

What will you do
When the ball rushes down?
Let it sweep you away?
Be a ballast? Or drown?

So lend me a moment.
I’ve advice I can bring,
For one should prepare
When the pendulum swings.


5 thoughts on “The Pendulum

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  1. This speaks to me of living a life, making discoveries, and longing to have someone to share it with. I love it. And I loved the structure of it, too. Such care in crafting it visually and aesthetically, not just creatively.

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    1. me too, in part. basically i was saying that i realize life turns to shit and then it’s good back and forth and back and forth. and i know you have to be positive and go with it and not struggle and not think that bad days always stay bad and i just wish i that everyone i loved could be with me on that positive minded train. ya know?

      Liked by 1 person

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