A Masterpiece

In the greenness of my shape, behold,
He embraced my form and began to mold,
Firmly kneeding, hands controlled,…
Excessiveness he did withold.

And then there came a bend, a crease.
No matter because, in time, it ceased.
What’s this? Now a cut that could not be fleeced,
If he was to make me a masterpiece.

Slice! Slash! His relentless skill.
Why more? Why me? Poured my shrieking trill.
Rip! Tear! Do you still sculpt me with goodwill?
On he worked, for we both had a goal to fulfill.

A mirror divine showed clearly, indeed,
That no other clay was becoming as exquisite as me.
The artist and his tools should continue, I concede,
But I wonder, How much more chiseling do I need?


6 thoughts on “A Masterpiece

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    1. Woah so awesome you read this as being about two people! I like that. i never thought of it that way. thank you! what i was thinking when i wrote it was actually about God, shaping you and testing you or just life doing it (whatever you wanna believe) and then questioning so like hey God will I ever be done going through trials? i get the picture, like lay off me already! do i ever get like smooth sailing for an extended amount of time?

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      1. Silly God Disco? “hey God, are you ready?”
        I didn’t think of that. Yes, I thought of it as a person in control, possibly abusive but definitely unreasonably demanding, requiring things of another person. What’s that say about me? Lol

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